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Image of Ileyna in World of Warcraft

Ileyna, GM of Prime

I am the co-founder of Prime and have been the guild master since the beginning in January 2009. I am a previous cutting edge raid leader and raider, with multiple years of guild leadership, team leadership and raid progression under my belt. These days though, I play much more casually, focusing on Mythic+ and helping our raid team out if they are short a DPS. My goal has always been, and will always be, to have a community that is inclusive, friendly and supportive for all members.

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About Prime

Prime started out as an alternative for pugging raids regularly, and has since grown to be a guild that housed multiple progression raid teams, all with their own leadership and rosters. These days, we are back to housing one mythic progression raid team.


We are a LWiW approved guild, which ensures that we are not only able to provide an inclusive and friendly community for everyone, but also that we have additional support from an external professional team for training and development where needed. All members within the guild are expected to adhere to our code of conduct and we operate with a strict one strike policy for those who veer away from this. More information about our code of conduct can be found here.

Our progression raid team Team Orange, has been running since 2020 and aims to continually support their raiders to ensure that they progress at a steady rate into mythic. For more information relating to the raid team including recruitment needs, please visit their page here.

GM Contact

Btag: ileynaprime#2503

Discord: ileyna

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