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English only

Any public channels, whether text or voice must be in english.

Toxic/Abusive/Offensive/Inappropriate behaviour

Any members found to be behaving inappropriately will receive ONE warning only and then will be removed immediately if it continues, there will be no option to return to Prime. This includes spreading misinformation (such as conspiracy theories) and any kind of misconduct, including (but not limited to) any form of harassment (i.e. verbal, sexual etc). Serious offences will result in an immediate removal and further action will be taken, such as submissions of evidence to the appropriate authorities. 


All members of our community are valued, regardless of skill or experience, so treat others with respect and kindness.

Remember that while you are playing you are representing Prime as a whole, and so remember that you should not only treat other guild members with respect and kindness but also the wider community of PuGs too as failure to behave in the correct manner can impact on the reputation of the guild and cause issues for the community.

Please remember to be respectful of the other players you come across, especially your guildies, when you play together. This includes your attitude towards their level of skill, time within the game, and their (choice for what they want out of the game; casual/pushing hard/collecting/having fun. In short; don't actively ruin the playtime of other guild members, this includes quitting keys and sabotaging raids.


All social promotions will take place at the start of each calendar month and will be completed by Ileyna.

Raider promotions or demotions will take place in accordance with the raid team rules specific to that team.

Any Officer promotions or demotions will take place as and when required.


There are no restrictions on the amount of alts a person may have in the guild.


The addon Guild Roster Manager is utilised to sync all alts with their main. If a main and all linked alts have not been online for a month they will be removed from the guild due to inactivity. 

All guild removals will be done at the start of each calendar month.

If any members return and find themselves guildless, they are welcome to whisper an officer and be re-invited.


Any complaints should follow the chain of command within the guild, however if you are not sure where to go, please contact the GM (Ileyna) or CO-GM (Coathanger) directly.


All complaints are taken seriously and guild removals will follow where appropriate.

Guild Bank

Access to the guild bank tabs and their contents will depend on rank, as will access to guild repairs, however as the guild is now so big, it is not possible to always offer guild repairs from the guild bank.


No guild members should put their gold into the guild bank, as it ONLY goes on repairs for other members and so large amounts of gold will be eaten up very quickly and will not be used for any raiding materials or other purchases for guild teams or members.

Mythic Progression Raid Team rules

No social members will be permitted to join the raid teams on any of their scheduled raid days, unless the run is posted as an “open run” OR the social member is currently working through their trial period for the team.


Orange Team Rules

For time when we have multiple progression raid teams, it should be noted that team rules for the mythic progression teams may differ in some areas, and so it is advised to read them thoroughly and do not assume that if one team does something, then the other team will operate in the same way.

Each of our progression teams will always have their own dedicated leadership teams and set of rules which can be found within each team set of channels, however each team and their corresponding leadership and members must adhere to all general guild rules and will be removed if they break them.

Swapping Teams

Swapping to another team within the guild must be discussed thoroughly with both the current Raid Officer team and the potentially new Raid Officer team to ensure that this swap is viable.

Swapping teams mid tier will not be permitted unless there are extreme circumstances such as a sudden change to working hours/times which would hinder a raiders ability to attend the raids in their current team.

Swapping teams at the end of the tier or expansion will be considered, however this will be at the Raid Officers discretion and there is no guarantee that a team swap will be possible as this will be dependent on roster situations.

Please note that this rule only applies when the guild has more than one progression raid team running simultaneously.

Social Raid Team rules

The Social run is usually on a Saturday evening and is open to each guild member who meets the criteria set by whoever is running the raid. The runs will be put up on the guild calendar and all guild rules apply to the social run events. Discord is required for these events, however you do not need to speak, just be able to listen.


Current Social Run Raid Leader: Dragonmste


The Raid Officers of the progression raid teams will not be able to assist with any questions regarding the social run as they are not responsible for this area of the guild and so any questions should either be directly to the current social run raid leader (as above), or alternatively, posted directly into the social run channel on Discord.

Streaming Guild Content and Streamcord

Streaming any social content with guildies is permitted unless a guild member specifically asks not to be streamed who is included in the run, at which point streams should be stopped to respect their wishes. Those streaming within the progression teams must follow their raid leaders wishes with regard to streaming


If you wish to be added to the stream list on discord, please contact Ileyna and she will add you on to the Streamcord bot which will automatically post when you go live, and the static list of streamers.

Discord Access

Our guild discord server is set with the highest security settings which require a phone number to be added to the account to gain access (2 Factor Authentication). This level of security has been added to keep all of our members safe and this rule is the same for everyone and cannot be skipped or worked around. Once you are on the server, please follow the Mee6 instructions to gain community access.


If your name on discord is not BLUE then you have not completed the steps required.

Discord Name

Guild members must ensure that their discord nickname holds their mains character name with it. This can take the form of Chez (Ileyna), Ileyna (Chez) or Ileyna. Any special characters must also match.

Discord Posting

Refrain from posting any material which may be offensive/toxic/abusive or misinformation and remember we do have members who may be underage. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the guild discord server and will not be permitted to return.

Discord Bot Use

MEE6, and any other bots on the server must not interrupt or disturb other users. This includes the use of the music bots. Anyone breaking these rules will have one warning, and then will be banned from the discord server.

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